NaPoWriMo 2015

I didn’t write these in a month, due to several reasons (see: laziness/plans/commitments), but I am still happy with having put them together and out. First drafts are the only things that I like. I will get to editing them and submitting them, eventually. 🙂

(1/30) assemblage of anger
(2/30) things i am learning
(3/30) seaweed
(4/30) burrow in your burroughs
(5/30) too much credit
(6/30) bear witness
(7/30) grow month
(8/30) be lost
(9/30) is, shoulda, coulda
(10/30) warpaint
(11/30) darkness reign
(12/30) 4 am in the palace
(13/30) extra-terrestrial
(14/30) letters to people on the street
(15/30) back room
(16/30) snap snap poetry
(17/30) wishing for weakness
(18/30) to queen of the gods
(19/30) sugar ghost
(20/30) wined on the stairs
(21/30) wall beats
(22/30) grandmama
(23/30) the baptism of a new day
(24/30) cell phone martyr
(25/30) i need the sea
(26/30) to walk away from love, and live
(27/30) what passes as a place
(28/30) love locks locked away
(29/30) all we are are cliches
(30/30) see what you become


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