LISBOA, PORTUGUAL 150 150 Akharla Mova

Lisbon has taken a while to get to. It took a flight delay, a technical failure, and 2 subways to get here. It also took a lot of my nerves with it, considering that what the hell am I doing? The world has serial killers in it! AND PEOPLE.

This is what Lisbon looks like at Baixa-Chiado station, walking out. So, basically, magic. Pure, unrefined, historical magic. Also, fear. It took me a good 45 minutes to walk to where I needed to find my hostel – something that, theoretically, should have taken 10 minutes. But hey, Europe’s not down with that perpendicular street placement shit. Was a great walk though – I indulged in quite a bit of sightseeing photography on the lovely streets of Lisbon. Needless to say I used my new iPhone X safely snuggled up in a brand new pink rubberized phone case for taking those photos. Wonder how long I’m going to treat my iPhone like it’s a baby and how long it will take before I start throwing it on the bed. Never takes too long.

Anyway, arriving to my hostel. Time to grab my mountain bike and enjoy the scenery of Lisbon cycling across the Sintra Mountains. There’s nothing quite like breathing in a city, its vibes and its history through its raw nature with a beautiful panoramic view at sunset. It sounds physically strenuous, but it’s the only place I can be alone and at peace with my thoughts, riding my trusty mountain bike in the sunshine.

This is what it looks like when I look out of the room of my hostel. Also, what my dreams look like. Lisbon, nobody expected ye to be so goddamn fine! Also, nobody expected you to be so minimally conservative with ad placements on your subways, wheeeeeee! Can’t wait to slip on my casual summer dress and blend in seamlessly at the bars and restaurants tonight. There is something about Lisbon and wanting to be free-spirited – all the women here seem to be so free and naturally beautiful in their gorgeous Boho dresses.

P.S. seafood and olives and wine.