How To Get Started As Writer

How To Get Started As Writer

How To Get Started As Writer 150 150 Akharla Mova

Aspiring writers have been through a certain phase more than we ought to admit. This phase is a phase of frustration and loss of inspiration. You ask yourself “how do I become a writer?” or “what do I write?”.

I believe that inside everybody is a story and everybody has the potential to tell it. In short terms, everybody has the potential to be a writer, you only have to tap it and pursue it with all passion. If you aspire to tell your stories or become a famous book author here are some tips on how to get started as a writer.

  • Be a reader

Before we tackle writing, reading is an important factor you have to consider. Have you read enough? Are you continuously reading as you try to pursue writing? It may not be that significant for others but it is a great tip if you want to be a good writer. Not only does reading widen your world view and let you experience things you otherwise won’t experience in real life. but it also widens your vocabulary and influences the way you tell your stories. Reading and writing are like a knife and a sharpener, one sharpens the other, so they come hand in hand.

  • Write every day or start a blog or a journal

Before you dream of writing big stories and thick books start by writing your everyday life in a journal or through sharing your thoughts online. Writing every day might seem exhaustive of the stories you can tell but it actually makes you better each day. By writing about the usually dull everyday life you are sharpening your imagination and finding your creative niche. It is all about in the details and emphasizing what seems to be insignificant. Write about your nightly dreams or your daily encounters, you will be surprised by what you find interesting each day.

  • Enroll in a writing course or workshop

If you feel like you lack the basics in writing or you just want a refresher it is great to take a few writing courses. It is best to have a physical writing course if possible as physical interaction with your professor and classmates will stimulate a fun learning environment and widen your writing capabilities.

  • Find honest critics

Once you have written something that you are comfortable to share, find honest critics who will truly help you navigate through your flaws and accept and learn from them. Writing classmates are great conversants when it comes to writing ideas and critique.

  • Know why you want to become a writer

It is important never to lose sight of what made you start writing in the first place. Is there a specific story you want to tell? Is it your childhood or a belief that you want to express? Is it a world you have imagined and wanted to share with others? Is it a person you dedicate your writing to or you aspire to become? Regardless of your reason to write, make sure to find it and take hold of it. Keep it close to your heart and always remind yourself of why you started writing.

  • Pro Tip

Always stay true to yourself and your principles. If you’re hired to write for a publishing company, do not miss deadlines and always deliver your writing in time and in good faith. Click here to find out how NOT to be a good writer.