21 Verified Rules Project

As I stated in my Introductory Post to this project,

 What I’ve decided is this: over the course of the upcoming year, I’m going to write 21 little tales about the most important things that I already know, but hope to reaffirm, in the desire that this time they’ll stay learned.

Verified Rule #1: You can’t outrun the lessons you’ve learned.

Verified Rule #2: If you can’t puke it out, breathe and get through it.

Verified Rule #3: Job-hunting will suck forevermore.

Verified Rule #4: Proximity’s a bitch.

Verified Rule #5: ZzzZzzZzzZzzZzz’s.

Verified Rule #6: Sometimes “off a cliff” is the only direction”.

Verified Rule #7: Autumn ≠ blank pages.

Verified Rule #8: I am shite at doing nothing.

Verified Rule #9: Hiber-January.

Verified Rule #10: Expect everything to change.

Verified Rule #11: I will always need my mommy.

Verified Rule #12: Let go, and everything will come.

Verified Rule #13: Spring wins all contests until death do us part, amen.

Verified Rule #14: Study what you love.

Verified Rule #15: I am le suck at keeping secrets.

Verified Rule #16: Never too young to get better.

Verified Rule #17: Support your legs. Without them you cannot stand.

Verified Rule #18: You’ll know it when it comes.

Verified Rule #19: Courage is tantamount to any miracle.

Verified Rule #20: Good people ruin all the fun.

Verified Rule #21: Put down the book, and write (like a motherfucker).

October 3, 2012 – Thank you to everyone who’s been on this lengthy journey with me. This was my first long-term writing project, and while it may not have been as cohesive as I hoped, it was still incredibly educational (for me, and hopefully for you!)  I can’t wait to come up with more ideas for a series that is more long-term. Like, a writing baby. 9 months of nausea and stomach cramps, except happy and positive, and not like that at all.

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