How to be (F)Unemployed

I fully acknowledge that my ability to be “funemployed” is based on my privilege of living at home with my parents who are generally happy to support me (though I’m a crazy saver and live off of my savings and not their money for the things I actually go and do).

Here’s the thing. I’m bad at “time off.” I’m bad at “not doing things.” I’m good at multitasking and exploring and creating and chatting. So good at chatting.

The problem is that I don’t know where to really go from where I am, career-wise. I like writing, social media, digital marketing, etc, but looking for jobs is rougher going than I expected. Instead of panicking, however, I’m trying to expand my base of experience, to conquer fears, and to meet new people. In that vein (or artery, whichever you prefer), here’s the list of things I’ve endeavoured while being funemployed:

  • Sat for professional painters at the MacKay Gallery (where Fred Varley – of the Group of 7 – used to live) to indulge my narcissism

    Panorama of the model's POV

    Panorama of the model’s POV

  • Been an extra for an independent & crowdfunded movie in Toronto (see HUM: The Movie here and hopefully on the festival circuit)
  • Began (the as of yet unfinished) National Poetry Writing Month Challenge for 2015 (I finished NaPoWriMo 2014 late too… but I finished, which I’m choosing to see as the main point.)
  • Discovered Snapchat & Vine… a couple years too late is better than never?
  • Began planning a Pan Am-ized Spoken Word show in collaboration with Markham Public Library, details TBD
  • Went to see the incredible Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the AGO (see more of his works on Artsy!)
  • Went to New York for the first time

    Scull (1981)

    • Visited the historic Nuyorican Poets Cafe
    • Saw Chet Faker in concert
    • Danced till the morning light & fell in love with NYC
  • Took my bestest woes to Montreal for my 25th birthday
  • Had my 25th birthday. Was drunk.
  • Joined a writing group that provides the most impressive feedback I’ve ever received for my poetry
  • Knit a baby blanket for one of the most wonderful women in my life && attended her poetic baby shower of loveliness
  • And most excitingly? I’m getting my first poem published because I’ve been putting in editing hours, meeting people, and actually submitting to journals.

So, YAS to funemployment folks. Here’s to using your time wisely, not getting discouraged, and hoping life has something good in store for me. Here’s to a different outlook. Here’s to being kind to myself and ignoring the pressing voice of “you’re only valuable if you’re earning”.

I’m good at looking for opportunities and seizing them when they come – sometimes they pay, sometimes they don’t, and I’m lucky that I have the opportunity to distinguish between something worth my effort and something worth my time.

And I’m fully intending on finishing NaPo 2015… just late. So late. Oh god so late.


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