have you ever
wished weakness upon yourself, or
your body?

hoped for a wallowing blow
to break your bones?
a car turning the corner,
a piano from the sky,

we all say
we are aiming for strength.
working towards it.
training our muscles,
our beliefs,
our resiliency.
but wouldn’t it be
a little bit more desperate,
a little bit more real,
if we said,
what if you regret this.
won’t you regret this?

but more true.

there is something so hopeless
about saying
‘you’ll miss me when i’m gone’
and not knowing if it’s true.

Photo credit: Kim Smith-Miller on Flickr


One thought on “(17/30) wishing for weakness

  1. This one is very true for me. There are times when strength seems like too much to manage, like the whole weight of holding the my world up seems exhausting. But, then the alternative is heavy as well, unfortunately.

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