Prompt from Speakout Poetry:

shadow road.
walking the deep route
as it weaves its way into your other,
as it opens up chests inside your chest
and you are full of gems,
opening like a fjord to yourself:
blood stone
pumice rock gleaming
around a gaunt woman’s neck.
think about spirits, reapers,
where their intentions lie. balance.
how every stream of blood in your body
can break you,
or revive you.

fear can make you hell bent
on being damn sure
but also paralyzed from the throat up.

isn’t it delicate
how scared we are
of all this deep in ourselves.
how we dream of drowning
in accordance with the moon;
how all we want
is love.
how easy fear becomes,
when we dive into ourselves,

Photo credit: Enam Hassan on Flickr


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