Inspired by Rachel McKibbens’ NaPoWriMo prompt #94:

the plane found passage between lightning bolts and raindrops
like the worst way through a boiling maze-sky, i peeked at the buildings below opening
like individual gift boxes of light, i had never seen such a wealth
of light collected together, but terrified to get closer, open them.

there was foreshadowing in what happened, but there was a story
i was expecting, a city swathed in maple leafs, maybe igloos lit up from
inside, like christmas bulbs in a gloomy, drowning august on the continent.
should have landed in our new life with a soft inhale.

maybe they would have had us turn back, refuel in the air, even though
that sort of thing hadn’t even hit the movies yet in 1997, we would have just
gone right back to tanks, and standing in line for bananas, and watching degrassi
with really bad dubs. i could have grown to be a ballerina, or something stereotypical.

Photo credit: Andras Horvath on Flickr


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