Oh- blessed lack of direction!
Let’s let ourselves be lost
at all ages.
Claim moments and days
to find our sighs buried deep
behind sagging shoulder blades and
the shades of our hips as they sprint
away from fear, full-speed.
Let fears dematerialize
due to laughter.
Wear imperfections as a badge
of honour, because
you are a miracle
draped in years of love.
You are radiant in loving
and equally so in sorrow. A vision. Be so.
You need not be going any place
to belong in your own body,
to have a place to go.
Cultivate home in your heart
and soul. You will have eternal
belonging there.
Let this thought
be the root
of all your actions.

I opened an old journal and found this fully formed. Didn’t write anything to share today, but this was exactly what I needed to hear. There are so many fragrances here from other poets, but I’d be a smarter person if I remembered who inspired what.

Photo credit: Whitney Justesen on Flickr


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