Vote for A Chunk of Your Back, Please?


Excitement tires me out. It makes me sizzle and then grow weary and drop down, heavy. But excitement it is, and trying it I am, and sense I am not making.

Let’s try this again.

I wrote a poem, and then entered a contest called CanLip: The Great Canadian YouTube Poetry Contest. The writing of the poem was monumental. It was cathartic, and it had finally come together from several different poems over the years into this, which is something that I am humbled to put forth in front of people.

After showing it to my fairy godmama, she convinced me to record it and submit it. This scared me, but I memorized it, and after a million takes, got the one I put up.

To me, this is an opening to be vulnerable with people. Poetry is me at my most honest, even though I attempt as much radical honesty as I can do during daily life, as well. But the way I think, the way I feel, it just doesn’t quite work in normal speech.

So here we have my mind, my heart, laid out in front of you. I would really, really like you to help me scare myself shitless. The people with the most upvotes/likes on their YouTube video at the end of February 15 get to go onto the final judges round, and the winner gets a chance to be a storm poet at the Canadian Individual Festival of Spoken Word & a full ride to check out Verses Festival of Words in Vancouver.

Guys, I’ve never been to Vancouver. I wanna go and scare the shit out of myself completely and write more poems, tell you more dreams, share more stories, and perform and present and just do it. I would take this chance and run with it like I’m running from my parents expectations. HEYO.

But mainly, I want you guys to tell me what you think about the poem. Ok?

Oh, and if you feel so inclined, please feel free to share with your friends and tell them to like the video on YouTube, too; send it to friends, colleagues, poetry afficionados, poetry  haters, your mom, whatever. My grandma reads my poems and she doesn’t even speak English, so you have a worse excuse just automatically. 🙂

Also, watch the other poems in the running! My personal fave is Patrick Walters’ Sacrifice cause I’ve seen the man perform and he is so. so. dope. That’s an artist, childs. Dang.


Gripe here!

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