All family
is tragedy. Shut doors
when you need a shoulder,
and a cold shoulder
when you need some steaming tea
but yeah,
we cling on
because the sun doesn’t
show itself every day.

Everyone suffers
by themselves. In their own spaces.
In their own bodies.
There is no respite care
for when you’re still figuring out
what to feel
and how to keep living
when you already know.

When you keep smiling
at all mishaps,
you keep attracting problems.
You just need to
throw the book in the fire.
Watch it burn. Make people witness
your anger.

Send back the ashes
to the only person who held you
who suffered through your joy
alongside you.

On the package,
write the only things that really matter
in the matters of the heart
“Thank you. I’m sorry.
This is better
than I could have expected.”

Photo credit: joiseyshowaa on Flickr


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