Finish your day with a shitty cover of Macy Gray!

I’m literally just going to keep posting these until I get sick of them. So far, no cigar.

Did you notice how utterly poetic the title for today’s post was? That’s what I’m going to point to when people ask me how I know I’m a poet. That right there.

This is one of my favourite ones because this song was just SO. DAMN. POPULAR. And Aamir makes some excellent faces in this one, trying to really own Ms. Gray’s raggedy hoarse sex voice.

Some friends on Facebook mentioned that this should be a series called PJ Karaoke. While I internally about 70% support that title, it is only I that is wearing “I’m Moooo-dy” pajama pants with really cute cows on them, and not Aamir. Thus, the title would be misleading. I don’t want to mislead you. We put the word “shitty” in this series title for a reason.



Gripe here!

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