Want to ruin your hearing? I’ve got just what you need!

Alternative title: My friends are great and do horrible things to make me happy.

Seriously though, you guys. My best friend Aamir is a fantastic, incredible talent with a superheart to boot. When I get bored/need to be cheered up, the man is always there with something stupid to say.

Ever since we did a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” as a gift for my now-ex-boyfriend several years ago (WHAT IS DIGNITY? but seriously, the outtakes are the best and I swear a lot and I’m sorry mom), I’ve been hounding him to do more shitty covers, mainly because we had such a great time filming the last one. Since we live closer to each other now, and #YOLO, we “recorded” (I put this in quotes because recording is for real people who are doing this with the intention of being awesome and we are doing this with the intention of entertaining ourselves) 5 songs. Most of them were read blind by him (AMAZING OR WHAT) and sung blind by both.

Aka, we had no idea what we were doing, and it shows. But god was it ever fun.

Please don’t make fun of my voice. I know. Just compliment Aamir. Just focus on dat.

And the fact that this is ONLY THE BEGINNING FOR THIS WEEK. (Aamir’s going to hate me after this, so it’s really only going to last 1 week after which I will have to just… you know. Bribe him into being my friend again).

Please enjoy. This is different programming from what I usually put up here, but hell. I’m growing.


Gripe here!

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