Work share: Faculty of Health, York University eNewsletter, Issue 3

Hi all!

Long time no chat. I’ve decided to start posting some of the stuff I do for work here – first of all, because COOL – and second of all, because it is SO COOL and I want to tell people about it.

The most recent thing that we’ve accomplished is a redesign of our eNewsletter. Now, that being said, the eNewsletter is only 3 issues deep and we’ve already redesigned, but the Faculty of Health is a happening place and this is an important initiative for us, awareness-wise, and it needed to look like it was part of the modern world… at least a little bit.

So I proposed a more heavily image-based redesign that looked like a super-organized Tumblr page (in your inbox!) No more paragraphs of introductory text and 17 scrolls to get to see the final articles. No. Now. Now, it is a thing of beauty.

I present to you, Rethinking Health: Issue 3.

Faculty of Health eNewsletter Issue 3, April 2014

Click through to read through the amazing articles highlighting our greatest successes in the past academic year!


Our Kinesiology department has been absolutely killing it this year with awards & students, too. Like, seriously. Best Faculty Ever Award.

Luke Durward won the “This Is My Time” contest and then subsequently spoke at TedxYorkU; Emanuel Ebrahim won the “President for a Day” contest = crazytown joy over at kinesiology.

I really enjoyed working on this eNewsletter (as I do), because I got to speak to so many fascinating professors & students, like the hilarious Aaron & Mohamed, both of whom won the Undergraduate Research Fair, and the inspiring Dr. David Hood, who has been killing it with his research on the various effects of mitochondria on muscle health.

Another story that blew me away was about Dr. Michaela Hynie‘s grant to improve maternal mental health in Rwanda. The research is hard-earned and incredibly practical – and Rwanda is the best place to implement it because of the high rates of postpartum depression & other under-diagnosed mental health disorders among the population that is still dealing with the reality of the genocide that happened 20 years ago this April. Despite this, it has an incredibly effective healthcare system that is accessible but understaffed. Michaela Hynie & her team will be providing training and analysis of the trends seen in the various community health centres and to nursing students, so that they are better informed about mental health and are better able to support their communities now and in the future.

Talking to people for these articles is an incredibly rewarding job, and I think it’s damn time I started sharing what I do and what I love here.

Next week, I promise I will gush about my new course on Social Media Strategy & our student health ambassador blogs!

Oh! And I got to take part in a video for an incredibly important cause – York U’s Mental Health Day! I’m pretty proud of my head-nodding/microphone-holding abilities.


Gripe here!

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