Twenty Thirteen

I’m not a big reminiscer, but I’m going to reminisce anyway, because 2012 was I will do it in reverse-chronological order, because that’s the only way I can remember it.

I applied/am applying to 4 universities (Simon Fraser, UBC, McGill, Concordia) for my Masters. I knit a TON of things.

Knit Blanket

My grandma’s blanket! At this point I am about a day or two away from finishing it.

I participated in the Higher Education Summit 2012 on a panel with Margaret Wente of The Globe & Mail. Droolsauce.

Karen Horsman (Colleges Ontario), Margaret Wente (Globe & Mail), David Hughes (Pathways to Education), Me!

Karen Horsman (Colleges Ontario), Margaret Wente (Globe & Mail), David Hughes (Pathways to Education) and Me!

I published 8 articles and 2 got reprinted in MetroNews Toronto. I started writing for I started working at the Faculty of Health at York University. I did an incredible internship and made some unbelievable friends at Harlequin during the summer, which leads me to remember that I completely threw my interview for my internship in Turkey because I got an offer from HQN the day before. Thanks to HQN, I met Sh*t Girls Say creators and helped the marketing for the book, and spoke with Delilah, the talk-show host famous for her inspiration of the story on Sleepless in Seattle.

Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard with me in the middle!

Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard with me in the middle!

I read 24 books and 7184 pages. I met my favourite author and cried outside of an Indigo from being overwhelmed.Myself and Cheryl Strayed

I watched Magic Mike and thrilled my lady bits, which is a bit less impressive than the fact that… I WENT TO EUROPE (Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic) for 3 weeks with the bf and exploded with love and magic and excitement and adventure.

"Ich ein est Berliner" at the Brandenburg Gate. Myself and the bf.

“Ich bin ein Berliner” at the Brandenburg Gate. Myself and the bf.

I turned 22 in Düsseldorf. I also went to Miami and met someone I’ve been friends with for about 12 years for the first time. He really liked loud music, and I might have left with damaged eardrums, but it was well worth it.

Diego and I.

Diego and I.

I dragged my bf to the great outdoors in Muskoka with my family, and we survived and made a new chipmunk-like friend.

Mr Chipmunk

The bf did a lot of new things this year too: skating, kayaking, and entering a fantastic program at Humber that has totally changed his life. I bought a domain name, finally, although I haven’t been putting it to the best possible use, yet. I got bangs, then I cut off all my hair, again, and again.



First cut is the deepest.

The first cut is the deepest.

But the second cut is blonde.

But the second cut is blonde.

And this is me now!



There was also Niagara, and a song that I sang for my bf for our 4-year, which is still really embarrassing, but I’m SO happy I did. I would love to sing more, although I am very obviously not going to be Justin Bieber, and not just because of my confidence in my personal gender.

The rainbow magically appeared. Niagara.

The rainbow magically appeared. Niagara.

There were a million little things, and a million big things that I missed (ie. I sold my dad’s car and I hate Craigslist, go figure). As is always the case. But 2013 will be even better.

What am I looking forward to in 2013?

  1. Montreal and my Masters of Communications (hopefully).
  2. A super secret awesomesauce suprise somewhere around February.
  3. Celebrating my 5 year anniversary with the bf. We’ve been dating since I was 17, but no big.
  4. Graduating. Finally.
  5. The magic summer of unknowns and unmade plans.
  6. Reading at least 30 books.
  7. Doing a 365 challenge. Speaking of which…

Here is the first picture of my 365.



My family and I managed to drive ourselves the 5 minutes to Main St. Unionville without bickering ourselves into a ditch on the side of the road, and boy were we thankful we got there. -7 degrees Celsius is the most beautiful weather. That being said, while play-fighting I pulled my back and now can’t do anything but stand or lie down all hunched and pretend I’m an evil villain while clicking my nails together sneakily. That’s what you get for trying to run into a man the size of my father.

I hope your New Years celebrations were exactly how you like them to be. For me, this involved a ton of my grandmother’s food, my sister harumphing in the corner in her preteenage way, and laughing at all of the hilarious Russian NYE performers with my family.

I am ready to be less computerized and more literary. More focused and less planned. I am ready to grow more, and grow always.




3 thoughts on “Twenty Thirteen

  1. Gebus! Your year was even more exciting than mine! You participated in a panel with Margaret Wente? Yer kind of a big deal.

    I also didn’t realize you write for Vacay. Great folks over there! Heres to 2013.


    • I’m a very tiny deal as of yet, but it WAS a huge highlight of my year.

      And I actually had another friend write for Vacay and then when I looked at the Masthead and saw you I just got twice as excited. 🙂


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