On Elections

I didn’t watch the 2012 American Election. But I watched the 2008 one. I was clenching the whole time. I almost cried.

This year, I didn’t. Because the newspapers are sometimes (though I love them) full of bullshit, and I don’t think that people of my generation (me included) know when to stop listening. I knew Barack Obama was going to win. I felt it, so I didn’t worry.

Instead, I went to work (like many others) and didn’t worry my pretty little head off. It’s exciting, to follow an election like this, to have it be so monumentally epic. It is exciting that many of us feel the world is heading in the right direction.

But tomorrow is going to be another day, and another fuck-up, and another mess cleaned. Tomorrow we will hear that the two men  that Americans were most likely to tick off on their ballots spent a combined $6 billion on their campaigns. Tomorrow we will hear that Guantanamo is still open. Tomorrow another atrocity.

But hey, at least marriage equality is now present in 7 states. If nothing else, that is a major win for Americans.

So is the pot thing. And the gay senator thing. And the women in senate thing.

Basically, what I’m saying here is that I’m glad my gut was right, and I’m glad for America, and I’m glad for a lot of things that are happening there thanks to Obama. (And thanks to the American people.)

Barack Obama is in many ways like our Jack Layton was. Thankfully, Obama is alive and well and leading.

If only Layton would reincarnate into something magnificent, already.




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