On the Choice to Care


High school, for me, was discreetly (and not so discreetly) awful. It was a constant parade of people who were trying way too hard to not be themselves, in favour of a self that was worse. I admit, I was the cheerleader in this parade. I changed more hair colours and groups of friends than would be considered safe in any sex ed classroom. In college, that changes, but not at first. Here is Jeffrey Eugenides on how college is made to be a sexual smorgasbord of new things:

“In actuality, we were all extremely uncomfortable. College, we’d been told, was going to feature a lot of sex. But we weren’t quite ready for the rules to change so quickly. We had to pretend to be more seasoned and blasé about the whole thing than we actually were. I don’t remember a single thing about that movie. All I remember was how everyone was trying to pretend to be someone they weren’t yet and maybe never would be.”

That’s what being “cool” is — being more non-caring about something than you actually are. Since my sister is an 11-years-youngster, I feel this attitude around the house a lot these days. I used to be like this too – “Jazz music? Ugh.” “School? Literature? Learning? Oy.” But it’s so useless. Why be cool when you can be f*cking AWESOME?

Calvin said it best in the comic Calvin & Hobbes:

The world bores you when you’re cool.

But once I hit the last year of highschool, and then university, I was tired of not caring. I was tired of not giving a shit about the things that were important to me. So I did. I owned my interests and it made me more confident because I felt more courageous.

One of my new favourite authors (whole publishing history within the span of the summer – wazzaaap) John Green has a fan-diddly-tastic quote that is epically immortalized in some really cute design.

That caring about stuff? That’s my bread and butter. That’s what I live for. That’s what you should live for too.

New K-Pop song with incredibly cheesy dance moves? YES.
My friends and I going out on a Friday night? YES.
Stuck-up academic literature? YES.
Sending your favourite poets/authors/people messages of love and encouragement? YES.
Wanting to write textbooks for high school as a career choice? YES.
Loving every goddamn thing that I love without reservation and with a dollop of excitement? YES.

And that’s all I have to say about THAT.




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