Verified Rule #16: Never too young to get better.

I am that sort of person that wants to do a million things in one day. I want to accomplish 5 tasks in the time it honestly would take me to complete one. I want 7 careers where I only need one. I want to be a master multitasker and a proper perfectionist.

So, I don’t only want the good job, the amazing trip (which I’ve been on, recently), or the writing skill. I want that, a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a packed social schedule and a killer bod. And I like to believe that the sooner I start working on everything simultaneously, the sooner it will all come.

Truth: Working out 2 times/week isn’t going to get me a killer bod.

Truth: Worrying about my appearance on social media isn’t going to make me a better writer.

Truth: Chocolate chip cookie dough isn’t compatible with the high level of energy that I will need to complete all of these far-fetched goals of mine.

But regardless, I have goals. I’ve started my internship at Harlequin. In fact, it’s my 2nd week and I’m “still getting my feet wet” as my boss says. She’s lovely to the max. If loveliness, smarts, determination and style were combined into an ice-cream it would be called my boss’s name. She’s a killer mentor and a fantastic teammate, and I got incredibly lucky to work with her this summer.

The long days have kind of killed my will to do anything but sleep though, and the staring at a computer (while furiously typing, answering emails and running to the printer) has given me a few headaches already. So in order to combat the “I’ve got a real job” disease (considering, especially, that it’s not a job but an internship [albeit a paid one]), I made a list of things I want to accomplish.

I made this list in my head on my way home, but I also started a list in my journal after I came back from Europe.

Oh yeah, I went to Europe. For 3 weeks. Holland, Germany, Czech Republic with my boy. For 3 weeks. And we both came back alive! Despite our friends commentary to the opposite. We had a fantastic time and I have many stories to tell you from there, most likely some that I will draw inspiration from for the end of these Verified Rules, but I am getting ahead of myself. As per usual. I just want to keep you all SO SO informed.

But one of these so-called goals is to run a half marathon, hopefully by end of summer. This means training. And running. On a more or less regular schedule. Maybe I won’t finish by end of summer, but I’ll be in training, which means I’ll be exercising, which means I will already be doing something epically awesome for myself. And changing my perspective, and hopefully upping my mood. And being less awfully sick.

So, baby steps.



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