Verified Rule #15: I am le suck at keeping secrets.

Okay, so, in my real life, I’m incredibly great with time management. Like, I can get an essay completed 2 1 weeks before deadline so that I have time to edit it. Like, I am on it like butter on a hot griddle. I sizzle with the greatness of my multitasking.

When it comes to writing, however, with my crazy schedule this year, it has fallen not just by the wayside, but by the side that is WAY WAY away. Like, a point on the horizon that can be reached through 4 “far-sees” (Texan for “as far as you can see” times 4). That is how far I am from being on a good writing schedule.

Hence why, 25 days from completing my “Verified Rule” challenge, I am still 7 Rules Away from Awesomeness.

But never-mind my inability to cobble my will to.. my will. I am powerless before my powers of procrastination, sometimes, which is why I have been an utter wreck lately. I am so strung out from school that I cry because my dad is having a hard time resisting eating meat, and I can’t sell my car within 1 week of the ads going up. BAWLING so loud that my mother has to traverse the stairs from her upstairs bedroom to come in and ask whether someone died.

“No, just.. just… a bad day.” I say while my snot slowly rolls into my mouth.

Then I listen to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri and hate myself.

Thinking about it now, though… this has nothing to do with my title. What does have to do with my title  is that I am the Nonfiction Intern for Retail Marketing at Harlequin Enterprises this summer.

And yes, that is how I feel.

I feel pretty kick-ass. And there’s other things that I just can’t tell the internet about yet, but have been DYING to. So, after they happen, or whatever, I will tell you all. But I can’t just yet. Because I am so sneaky and even though I suck at keeping secrets, I like keeping people in suspense. Because I am a conundrum and I enjoy being one.

The conclusion being that I am excited for the summer and I am not even thinking about September because September stresses me out. Like so many other things.

I guess I should refer myself to Rule # 12, but.. sometimes you are just stressed and stressed and stressed and there’s nothing you can do about it.



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