Verified Rule #9: Hiber-January.

When I can’t sleep, I watch TV shows by the hour. I can’t possibly read more. I want to – I do – it’s just near impossible. I’ve read 3 books since the beginning of 2012 – Natasha and Other Stories, Pride and Prejudice, and Monkey Beach (she says confidently, while listing through the final 170 pages…?). None of these have been for myself, even though 2 have been extremely pleasurable.

 Natasha and Other Stories by Bezmozgis is the story of Russian(ish) Jews moving to Toronto. Why was this pertinent to my own interests, you ask (if you are as egomaniacal as I am)? Because I am a Russian non-Jew who moved to Toronto and lived very much in the same society and had very similar experiences. I always like to see how others write down the experience that so closely mirrors my own – especially when I can compare it to my writing about that time in my life.

Mostly, it had to do with being forced to go to school, with wanting to go back to wherever the hell you came from, with struggle; with suburbs, drugs, and hope in the form of a detached house. I can relate to that, even though my uncle didn’t fall in marriage with a mail-order bride and I didn’t fuck her daughter, who turned out to enjoy the company of my dealer more than me. ALAS everyone has their stories. Mine involves less sex, so it’s not as interesting to read.

Pride and Prejudice, though, is so far removed from my life that it was almost an escape. It was a lovely, perfect, romantic escape – the sort they try to advertise online with little hearts palpitating on either side of the screen. I fell in love with Mr. Darcy and my real life relationships were to never be the same again.

Monkey Beach is interesting so far, but I’m still not very sucked in, being 200 pages in. That’s usually a problem except for the fact that I love the class that I’m reading it for and the main character, Lisa. She is a spunky, rough girl. I would have LOVED to have been her when I was younger. I was always too scared to be a tough chick, although I did hang out with boys mainly (which made you tough by association in grade school).

In lieu of real life events I’ve decided to give you a round-up of all the things I can’t seem to escape lately, meaning school. I know that once I start writing one essay they’ll just keep coming and piling on until April – which, I’m not gonna lie, provides no small amount of trepidation for the beginning of this ginormous task. I am almost done with full-time school, I am preparing for an amazing summer and big changes in my life, but I seriously need to end this semester, even though it’s just started.

Knitting helps. So does hibernating, even though that makes knitting useless in the end because if I never go outside to wear the scarf that it’s taking me 2+ weeks to knit, then hibernating will be null and I might just have to bunker out in the basement eating my grandfather’s stale cookies and watching Property Virgins on TLC.

Oh, the pretty pictures I paint.


PS. This lovely lady mentioned that she just adores my Twitter bio. This  is big news for me, as I have now dubbed myself Perez-worthy in the Internet world and have pranced around my room for several minutes waving an imaginary wand and saying, “they love me, they really love me!”


3 thoughts on “Verified Rule #9: Hiber-January.

  1. I hope that show isn’t faked like House Hunters international. haha I’ve become obsessed with the author John Green and he talked about that show once. He learned that most of the show was fake but he still liked it.


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