you are a revelation

I was going to write a whole 2011 wrap-up post. I even had it done up to July, but then I looked at it, and I knew that it was going to be completely useless as a blog post. It didn’t tell you anything new. It didn’t say it in an interesting way. Even I got bored writing it.

Plus, these days, who doesn’t write a yearly wrap-up post? I get tired of reading them, so it would be silly of me to try to write one. Let’s put it this way,

2011 was ace.

There was drunkenness, dancing, videos, friends, and food. There was the siphoning of skills, and the expansion of dreams. There was a career path coming into view. There were opportunities falling out of my hands. I loved 2011, despite the boy being away in the summer. I loved Costa Rica, and Russia and camp. I loved working and working less. I loved the whim that I approached with caution and then ran away with. I loved control and acceptance. I loved seeing the finish line.

But 2012 is going to be better, and not just because I like the balance of the number more on the page than 2011.  2011 was lopsided. 2012 is going to be more work, more play, more travel and more responsibility. 2012 is going to be everything I hope and everything I can’t possibly know to hope for.

2012 is going to be just another fucking year.

But it is also the year I turn 22 and wake up to a new home. It is also the year I will walk outside by myself, and write more of myself, and publish 2 things, anywhere. It is the year that articulation will be key, and all my hard work will start being reaped. It will be the year I conquer my nightmares.

Mostly because I’m an optimist, if sometimes too much of a worrier.

Enjoy this moment folks, you won’t live it again.



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