Verified Rule #8: I am shite at doing nothing.

It’s that time of year that resolutions are hurriedly being put to rest under large amounts of regret and resentment. I don’t like resolutions, but I like summaries. Due to being partially obsessive (my penchant for writing materials, the volume needing to be an even number, sort of obsessions), I also like lists. However, I have an awful memory – like, if my memory were to be proportionate to any other part of my brain, it would be the part delegated to quantum physics – which makes making summaries in list form kind of difficult.

(Though quantum physics is cooo-ooool.)

That being said, November was a busy month for me. I can tell because I barely have any posts here and hordes on facebook (the result of the procrastination effect). I slipped my final paper in a drop box this Tuesday. Afterwards, I went to a review session of my Canadian Lit course because it was the last day teaching of one of my favourite profs at York thus far (she’s preggoes, so she’s not continuing to teach this course). I also picked up a cool Content Manager position at the Toronto chapter of the STC (yet to begin it, but itching to), and I have become a knitting kitten.

I have knit (to date): 2 neck warmers (1-dad, 1-mentioned prof), a hat (bf), and I’m working on a beautiful scarf for my sister right now. Lookie!

This hat was supposed to look hipster. Instead, it looks like a hat Lisa Kudrow (Friends) would wear.

Neck warmer for the padre. Before it was a neck warmer, it was a really short scarf. Oh, the changes.

This is me literally 30 seconds ago with the scarf. I cannot explain this pose.

Tutoring has been going really great for the past month though – completely manageable alongside everything else (even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, I’d rather be earning $110/week through 4 1/2 hours of tutoring than 11 hours of hostessing/serving/selling stupid shit). My kids are getting really great results so far, which makes me excited. I probably shouldn’t say kids though, because one lady is older and going through teacher’s college. Reading her material with her and slogging through some teacher’s college assignments is pretty interesting – definitely stuff that’s up my alley, in case I ever decide to go through with it (ie. if the job market changes, if I have mid-life crisis). One of my students got her first A+ in English 2 weeks ago, my college lady just got an A- on a paper I edited for her and helped her brainstorm/formulate, and I see improvement in all of them. The best part is that to me it’s not boring. I actually really enjoy teaching them all why commas go here and not there, and it challenges me to really know my shit. And if I don’t know it, I figure it out so I know how to explain it to them. Exciting stuff.

I’ve also been trying to get into the habit of writing every day in my journal. There’s a writing prompt that’s sent to me from Sarah Selecky (her website is full of great tips for writers!), and I try to fit in that 10 minutes somewhere, which is easier now that I’m on break. But it feels freeing to be writing again, even about random things; even just making lists. I keep wanting to start submitting stuff until I realize I don’t really have anything to submit. That feeling has been pressing me to get some good pens and get writing, because otherwise that incompleteness would eat me up until I’m just a big cheeseball of anxiety and reality tv shows.

Next year I have a few great things coming up (I hope). STC being first among a few, I’m also going to be applying for the York International Internship Program. It’s the only one of its kind in Canada and I’m known about it since my first year at York, but never went to an information session – just stalked their website and their internship listings like a boyfriend in an 80s movie hiding in the bushes. Now that I went to an information session I feel a lot more confident, and comfortable, about my chances and my qualities. I really think I stand a chance at being picked – and if I am, El Salvador, Nicaragua, or Turkey, here I come (for 3 months!) I feel surprised at the calm inside me about this decision. It really feels right, finally.

This being said, I’m also going to need to start looking for summer jobs in the new year because what am I if not an overly-thought-out backup plan. Some would say normal, but MEH.

Also, near-abouts September 2012, I’m hoping to start looking for apartments closer to downtown. I will be looking for a real job writing, editing, and/or “content managing” come that time because I only have 2 full courses to finish my degree (and a GPA to die for) so I’m hoping some companies might be smart enough to overlook the lack of baccalaureate and focus on the future piece of paper with my name boldly emblazoned upon it, claiming me to be an upstanding member of society. I will bring them pride and “first dibs”. This being said, my expectations are set low simply because I’m an avid purveyor of online job sites and there don’t seem to be too many jobs that I would be vying for (although sometimes special ones come up that, if I didn’t need to drop out of school, I would take in a millisecond). Either that or a receptionist at some sort of media agency are things I will be looking for.

If I am left with absolutely no hell on earth choice, I will pick up some bar/serving work.

Until then, I knit, I laugh, I drink wine, and I keep busy. As it will always be.



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