things i enjoy when it is raining

  1. finding haphazardly put-together playlists by peeps who love the same music i do
  2. writing down my brain
  3. not working on assignments
  4. cooking for my family
  5. drinking tea with my family
  6. being angry at my family
  7. being quiet around my family
  8. wearing wool
  9. putting on boots – the zipping
  10. reading poetry
  11. thinking about poetry slams
  12. being inspired by reading poetry
  13. wishing i still played the guitar
  14. turning on the heater
  15. thinking about all the things i never have time to do
  16. hoping for the sun
  17. expecting thunder
  18. opening wine
  19. dry skin
  20. feeling like time does not exist

Gripe here!

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