hey mickey you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind

I wish there was something more for me to write about than Buffy, but there isn’t. Not even the fact that I’m backed up on school work and writing-work and every other work. I just know that at the end of season 3, Angel disappears from Buffy’s life and I can’t even be mad enough at the show to stop watching it for a week. I’m a tv-holic, and it’s bad.

Someone save me?

And by save me I mean bring ice cream and come hunker down with me.

It’s not even that I want to escape real life, but I get a certain adrenaline rush when I can just see life go by so quickly in TV. It makes my life feel like it’s going by too fast and then I panic because, shit, the last post I wrote was 2 weeks ago and what have I done since then? Oh, right, watch Buffy. I want to come to high school in season 1 and finish in season 3 and have it all be compacted into about 15 hours. BUT LIFE IS LONGER, and quicker than that.

And that’s the problem. Or is it a gift?



Gripe here!

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