Costa Rica 2011

A Costa Rican Sunset by Parksam on Flickr

Okay, Canada. This is either going to be the best vacation ever, or the shittiest.

Alright, not the shittiest. But I hope my family doesn’t melodramatically melt down like we tend to when we’re confined in small spaces in countries far, far away. I hope we all get along and hold our tongues and acquiesce to each other. That would be just super.

We’re renting a villa and a car for the week, and we’re going to be staying in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. That’s the northwest side, on the Pacific Ocean. I’m hyped up to try:

  • surfing (I told my dad that even sitting on the surfboard in the water will be considered a win for me.)
  • zip-lining (Blatantly ignoring my fear of heights and speeding through precariously close sharp tress?)
  • volcano hiking (Because who doesn’t like a good lava run in May?)
  • hot springs (Uhm.. because.)
  • mud baths (For the picture? The sensation of mud in my pants? Oh.. well.. now this doesn’t make any sense.)

And lots of other similarly adrenaline-y things and some not so adrenaline-filled things, like maybe splitting a bottle of wine with the parentals on a beach – cause I’m lame and Russians are said to bond over alcohol, or so we hear.

I’m also bringing like, 4 books or so (2 are for class – leave me be!) so in case the rain showers/thunderstorms stay longer than we care for, I’ll have things to do.

And that’s the plan, man.

Hope Canada stays warm and dry like it is as we leave it!



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