after a year of health, i get this?

Really, life?  The last time (I looked it up in my blog database) I was sick was in APRIL OF LAST YEAR. I mean, kudos to me for that shit, but why now? My birthday is so soon, and I’ve got so many (exciting!) things starting.

  • Writing for the Arb(itrage Magazine) as a staff writer
  • Leading little babes (3-6 year olds) through the Carol Wainio exhibition at the Varley
  • Finishing 3rd year exams
  • Starting a Techniques of Persuasion course (only I could be excited about something like this)

All that hurts is my throat and I’m already extrapolating the awfulness that comes with being sick. The heavy head, the clogged nasal passages, the fatigue. The inability to study anything worthwhile.

Okay, that last one is a lie. I wasn’t studying anything worthwhile while I was healthy, but at least I had the option to. The fact that I no longer have a choice to study things (like oh, for my exam on Saturday) makes me a very very angry English student.

I just don’t see how this is proper universal retribution for eating healthy, working on my fitness, and FORGETTING TO WEAR A SCARF ONE GODDAMN TIME IN WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE “SPRING.”

Canada, youse a mean bitch.



2 thoughts on “after a year of health, i get this?

  1. Illness isn’t caused by exposure to cold temperature, though. Germies need a temperature in and around 98.6C (which happens to be the regular body temperature of humans) to survive.


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