the world is ending and i’m watching 90s dramedies

Do you guys know why I watch Dawson’s Creek? Why I’ve been mentioning it so much over the past few weeks?

(BY THE BY, I’m done that hiatus bull****, if you couldn’t tell.)

A divine reason to be proud of the "True North, Strong and Free"

It’s not because I think Joshua Jackson is a simply divine slice of Canadian pie. It’s also not because I have a weird fetish-like thing for lifelong-girl-boy-friendship-cum-love-of-their-lives stories. It’s also, surprisingly, not because I have a strange affection for Katie Holmes and her dimpled smile. I like all of those things, but that’s not why I watch.

It’s because… well… *cue requiem for a dream HERE*

Have you guys been watching the internet world lately? I usually don’t like to bring politics into my blog posts because they take a long time to write about and I do enough critical analysis at school that if I started writing about it in my spare time as well I would probably turn into a puke and die. Or like, cry all of the time.

But seriously, that big floating ball of rock with a polluted atmosphere?

9.0 earthquake in Japan.
7.0 earthquake in Thailand.
The ensuing tsunamis.
Protests/murders/horrors in Egypt in the name of “democracy.”
Another bombing war/ “U.S. protection” of Libyan citizens.
Iranian revolution.
Life in our horrible world.

Japan's Earthquake & Tsunami

Protests in Egypt

Libyan bombings

Don’t you guys just ever get the feeling that we’re going to be fucked – real big – real soon? Maybe those bible-thumping crazies were right, (2012 is getting mighty close!) and the world really IS going to end in like, a big ball of burning screwedness and sin in 8 months?

Could happen.

Which is why I watch Dawson’s Creek – because it is so removed from the world that the mere idea of Dawson and Joey attending Bush’s first inauguration in 2000 (when the third season of the show was filming) is laughable (NOT just because they’re characters on a fictional television show). And it’s not that I don’t like the world – I’m a rather devoted optimist, you know – but the more I read, the sadder I get, and my feeling of utter desperation about the precious little that any amount of love or compassion can cure in this big, messed up world grows larger and more ominous.

Sadly, the universe very enthusiastically supports these ominous foreboding thoughts with equally depressing events.

Anyway, sorry to burst your guys’es bubble, but I just wanted to tell you why I like living in mine. It’s safe here.

Sort of. For now. And at least I’m keeping up with world events a la internet? I’m not ignorant, just ignoring.



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