maps are more than letters

(not my photo)

Getting back to real life is always harder than actually being in real life all the time. I bought a pair of pants today when I went out looking for rain boots. Copy-editing and Zora Neale Hurston are on my brain but I want nothing more than a clean room right now. I also want the Asian Green TeaIce Cream Balls and to watch Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, but I have essays to write and things like grades and jobs to think worry about. I’ve been indubitably lucky recently, having found 2 opportunities one right after the other that are so freaking cool it makes me squeamish. I’ve hung one up already but the other still needs to be applied to/won from other people. But I will win it because I’m kind of a G and write the BEST cover letters ever. Seriously, one day I’ll let you read one. I’m like, a master of using past jobs and making them future jobs, even if they’re completely unrelated in industry.

I’ve discovered the XX this week (they’re such a boxy, slow techno that it’s like minimalism threw up in shapes) and gave our guinea pigs a bath with my sister. We also watched Freaky Friday, which she found funny. I force-fed (drank?) her tea with lemon and honey because she was getting sniffles.

Nobody can get sniffles in our house currently because tomorrow my momma bear is getting surgery and she’ll be out of commission/needs to be in a disease-free zone for the next while. I’m gonna be temporary momma-bear-in-training.  I’m going to suck at it and we might be on a diet of pasta for the next 2 weeks, but survival is the song that we dance to (no it’s not, that just sounded nice).

I found a place I want to go to for my birthday but if my memory is actually playing along today (it never is), it’s quite pricey – which might be a grody thing to ask of my broke friends, but it’s so delicious! And there’s meat! And entertainment! It’s Copacabana.

Who wants to go to a burlesque show and feel really uncomfortable?



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