why studying at university libraries is AWE-baby, yeahh-SOME

For one, I thought it is only proper to inform you that I am highly biased about this topic as I am currently sitting on the floor, between the stacks, in front of the books that are in such a library. Granted, it’s not the awesomest looking library in the world, but from the two I have frequented during my time at university, at least this one wasn’t designed to look like a Turkey.





= FAIL =




See, my library, the Scott Library at York University, even has plants.


Anyway, this was about why studying here is AWESOME.  I don’t even want to say I’m a nerd because that’s not awesome sauce these days, but I will say that I do enjoy quiet time. Not sitting and reading through books for strenuous, eye-tiring essays, but for things that I’m actively in love with, absolutely, yes, 100% you will find me here.  (This happens to be the beginning phase of an 8-page paper about Zora Neale Hurston – African American writer extroardinaire who dropped off into obscurity because of a lack of recognition, which came after Alice Walker discovered her book.  Not only did Alice rediscover Hurston, but she also wrote The Color Purple, which, by the by, earned a Pulitzer.)

Let me enumerate the ways my heart squeezes its valves for this place:

  1. There are (now) areas marked on the amount of studying you can actually accomplish here. Green for none (might as well be a middle-school cafeteria), yellow for mayhaps some and red for you’re me, you want to sleep, or you don’t like wasting money on education so you’re actually looking for books.
  2. In the red zone, it’s cricket-chirping quiet, until someone comes by and decides this is the perfect time to remind their Mother that They are Going to be Home for Dinner and No, I don’t want Chicken, Okay Mom? Okay, little ass-monkey. O-kay.
  3. If you sit in front of the section that you need to access, you can cordon off an entire area for yourself without anyone intruding for hours.  At U of T, this was known by some as the “Fornication Area” or the more likely, “Masturbation Area.” For me, this simply means I don’t have to see, talk or listen to anyone (ie. my sister whining about not being on the computer, my grandfather telling me what he had for lunch for the fourth time, my mother asking me if I need anything at the store). I am AFK, AWOL, basically, an unidentified missing person who has ever-so-conveniently dropped off the badly drawn library map. I can ignore calls, facebook messages, and voices. I am uber-study-Schwartzneggar.
  4. If you don’t enjoy the sounds of furious masturbation or simple page-flipping, the yellow zone provides just enough background noise to lull you into a studying stupor.  Generally, there’s usually windows in these areas, which brighten up your demeanour from that of a prisoner serving 6 life sentences to that of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, which is “learning” too, right? Cute, cuddly, smooshy learning.
  5. The smell of old books.
  6. I can write an entire post and still have an entire day of reading ahead of me. But not only will I not be depressed about this, or the fact that I’ve just been sitting against a brick column and ruining my posture for 2 hours, but I will be joyful due to all the wonderful books which hold magic that I can put into my essay and earn an A-for-Effort on. Because that’s how I do.

Any places you guys like for contemplative thought and silent masturbation?

Feel free to share. 🙂



7 thoughts on “why studying at university libraries is AWE-baby, yeahh-SOME

  1. I have always been in love with university libraries. I seek them out wherever I go. Where else can you find encyclopedias from the 1800’s and giant books of maps of Northern Nowhere. A good university library fires up my imagination like nothing else. I am having very envious feelings right now.


      • I need some sort of noise. I do better with some music playing in the background.

        I went to Penn State. It makes sense we have haunting with the Paranormal State ghost hunting show all being PSU students. I guess someone had a heart attack in the stacks in the 1920’s and there was a murder in the stacks in 1969.


  2. Geez. Creepy library for sure. PS Penn State sounds like a prison (the name).

    Apparently, it’s only a cop-out people use when they say they study better with music. It’s proven that it’s more distracting than silence, you just have to get used to it. 😛


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