eggs, bombs, and other cool things on the internet

I guess I could post about really interesting, deep things.  That would work.

I can also whine about the -30 weather, the bombings in Moscow (URGH!), and bus ticket prices.  Basically fast-forward into old-age, blog-stylez!

But I like to talk about me, being the narcissistic, self-loving (and redundant!) creation of North America that I am.

Well, I recently got a few things published (thanks to my awesome Editor-in-Eggness, Cassandra!) and I’ve been over the moon about it (especially after receiving copies in the mail, thus solidifying its realness factor).  The editing process can sometimes be lengthy, but when you finally see your work “out there,” well, it’s pretty darn exciting.

First, it was a piece about fielding weird interview questions in t.o.night, then it was the oh-so-lengthy-piece-that-I-thought-would-never-end-but-did-and-I-was-sad-about-it about working in healthcare in Canada on TalentEgg, and today it was about the realities of job-hunting in the electronic age (also on TE)!

To be honest, I feel like this is just the beginning of a long, ever-widening road of struggle and success. I love writing, I love perfecting my skills, and I love succeeding at both.

RANDOM SEGUE CUZ I FEEL LIKE IT: I went shopping on Sunday and bought b-e-a-u-tiful clothes that even my mother approved of (ladies, if you impress a frugal lady with your cloth, be happy).  I never post pictures of clothes because I don’t have anywhere to take pictures of them, so… that’s kind of an SOL moment for you guys.  Needless to say, they’re all very classic, and maybe I’ll post a picture of myself wearing them eventually (if my narcissism ever overcomes humility and my o-so-humble nature).

In other news, I’m getting business cards made up by my WICKEDAWESOME friend Katrina for TUTORING – yes, ladies and gentlemen, after my hiatus from the working world ends (end of the winter term in April) I’m going to start tutoring little children (and perhaps not so little) in the language of the world.

This can either end in absolute disaster, or frantically wild success.

Guess which one I’m hoping for?

I actually think it’s a pretty sneaky move of me, since I’m good fantastic with kids and I love English (and its grammar, from now on at least). I’ve also been up to other sneaky things, but all will be revealed in due time. (Hehehe.)

As for some shout outs, because it bumps up my good deeds of the day mark (and because I’m obsessed)… I’ve been reading a lot of the Fab Files lately, because well.. not only did she graduate from York, everything she writes is interesting and well-written and a lot of it is ABOUT writing, which clearly strokes my curiousity-bone. She’s currently searching out the best and most promising journalists for her students (!!) to take an example of, and I encourage you to comment if you know of someone worthy!

My second and last bloggerific obsession is Hugo Schwyzer: a feminism professor in the States that is so well-versed that everything he says has that queer quality to it that it instantaneously changes my mind about whatever opinion I thought I had before I read his posts.


I can do good things for other people (although the rise in traffic from my meekly blog post will be close to nothing, I like sharing the things I read with the people who care enough to read me!) and forget about myself for one freaking second.



3 thoughts on “eggs, bombs, and other cool things on the internet

  1. It is nice to see such positivity. Getting things out there is exciting. I had one of my poetry books published by a small publisher the other two and my children’s book were self published and I am seeking an agent. It is amazing how your dream can just start blossoming right in front of your eyes. I am a half glass full kind of guy so I expect the worst and hope for the best. Nice read


    • Thanks Tim!

      I’m kind of a “glass-half-full” girl myself. And that’s great about your poetry! It’s such a feat these days, because there’s a smaller and smaller appreciation for things like poetry – and those that do appreciate it are becoming a smaller and smaller community – that you wonder how you can ever make it!

      It’s nice to see someone who has! 🙂


  2. I very much enjoy writing poetry but it is a dead art. I am working up the courage to go out and do readings at various places on open mic night. My goal is not to become rich or famous with my poetry I just hope to develop a local following. I am confident my claim to fame will be my children’s books. I have developed a series called “Dylan Thomas” My first book was “Dylan Thomas: Finds His Courage” I have written another one which is in the illustration phase. I feel confident that once I start looking for agents I should get picked up. I have been reading the kids books my son brings home and some of them are so bad I wonder how they even got published. My stuff is completely written in a rhyming style. Not to toot my own horn but it flows really nice, and I am very proud of it. I have a few other projects in mind but that is where they have stayed. Okay this has gotten really long; sorry


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