blathering blabbering and a frog

I’m going to try this “Post a Week 2011” thing, because I’ve been slacking pretty rabidly in blogging for the past couple of months.

I remember I had a time when I would get a lot of hits (aka 3 a day) and be so excited when people came and commented on my blogs (mind you, this number was big for me), and now, I’m just not starting any thoughts in people’s minds. So that won’t fly no more.

So I decided to try this challenge. I’m not good with timelines or deadlines or anything that has to do with me getting things in on time, except in school, but I’ll give it the good old I’m-trying-to-improve-my-life-so-its-not-so-sad-in-the-Canadian-winter attempt anyhow.

I also started going to the gym.  Just like the rest of the North American populace after the new year.  So far I’ve gone once, but I’m going tomorrow as well.  Start easy, keep building – that’s what I keep hearing about people with routines (also with murderers, but that’s a story for another time.)

Now that I’m talking, I might as well do a bit of promotion.  For example. My boyfriend recently realized his life goal (after I’ve been telling him what it is for the past two years, but you know what they say about powerful men and their women…) which is to be… someone who talks.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “good catch, Arina!”

But really, that’s what he’s made for.  He talks really well, and I’m not just saying that because he talked me into going out with him.  He is a smart-as-Gates dude who knows so many things about trains, traffic, politics, cars, soccer, electricity, physics, and a million other random shit that it’s hard for me to keep track of his words sometimes (ie. I deerface when he talks for 45min+ about the fascinating world of German trains.)

HINT: The best part of that link is that it’s not a deer.

Anyway, so he needs people to listen to him, which is why I’ve forced Twitter upon another poor, hapless soul in my acquaintance. I’m sure he’ll love it once he actually starts using it.

This will make him start using it.  I swear to Jeebus it will.

Speaking of which, have you guys seen Religion Pigeon?

Cuz you totally should have by now.  I mean, what are you missing in life if you’re missing such epic memes?

I still don’t understand what memes are by the way, nor do I understand how to say the word, although if you click on the little megaphone icon here, you should understand that it sounds like a mee-m. That’s kind of uncool.

I always pronounced it me-me, like you’re really egotistic in a baby voice sort of way.

Way cooler, right?

Anyhow, I would update you about school but basically I can summarize it in like two words: essay prep.

It’s also been mad cold lately (-24 C at night!) and I’ve been severely under/over-estimating the temperature EVERY MORNING I LEAVE MY HOUSE thereby resulting in either a really frozen bitching me, or a nice, steaming hunk of me waddling down the sidewalk in an attempt to get home as fast as possible, but not sweat any more, so I can strip and lower my core body temperature to normal.

I’m also going to Russia in a couple of week FOR a couple of weeks.  That matters very little to you.  Except that I’m hoping to post some pictures from the trip here when I return.  I should also have posted my Cuba pictures up on Flickr but I am not only an asshole, but a lazy, kind of constipated one that likes to work once a week at most and then just sit all puckered for the rest of the six days.

Oh and I quit my job at my bar! My last day is the 8th and I am as thrilled as a world-renown ornithologist would be if he saw an Alagoas Curassow in like, China, or something.

Peace out gangsters, see you on the flip side (next week, hopefully)!

May the world bless you with ice cream cakes and strange teas.


PS. I totally should be reading Henry James right now, or Herman Melville; but fuck those guys, I have Teen Mom 2 to watch.
(I can’t believe I just admitted to that, but I’m sure several of my friends will appreciate my admission, since that’s the first step to recovery…. right?)

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