mama oh mama, where have we been

love his look down her back, love her hands; love everything about this intimacy

I really need to back up my computer.  It would be great to get an external hard drive for Christmas, Santa.  Because otherwise, all of my photos/poetry/school work will vanish from the past 3 years.  That will not be fun. I will not enjoy that in the least.  And I figured, 2012 is coming up, right? So it’s only sane to back your shit up.

Here’s the song I’m listening to while packing for Cuba + not studying for my Grammar exam.

My grammar exam is tomorrow at 7 pm.  Who schedules an exam for my prime thinkin’ time? Oh that’s right, my university.  They’re mind-readers.  And I’m going to read THEIR minds and their exams and own that shit regardless.

Basically I have no time to pack so I am packing when I don’t have time. I’ve been buckled under finishing this semester and falling out of windows and being bitten by parrots and whatnot.  I’ve been out there inhaling deep all of the snow that’s been falling.  I actually love it a lot this year (for now) and because I don’t have to be outside when I don’t want to be I am content with the view I have from the inside of my house.  It makes me think about all the people that do not have this view, and all the room we have in this giant house of ours (in comparison).

Among other things.

I’m bringing my camera to Cuba so I hope to get some interesting pictures, and BOOKS. Oh god, I’m never going to fit everything that I need to bring.  But I guess that goes in my carry-on, which is one of those “gym bags” but about as big as your torso.  That counts, right? And a purse.

I’m cute so that makes me hope they bend the rules for me.  I’m not as cute as I was before Friday, since I now have a giant “war gash” above my lip, but you live and you learn. (Or not.)

Regardless, I now have a good story.

THIS is also a great song.  It makes me want to drink absinthe or something.  Instead of read about grammar. I guess I should stop listening to it, but “when everything, is SAID and DONE, and looking for answers, you’re the only ONE – untz untz untz UNTZ untz untz untz UNTZ” !!W!@#!

Yeah, that’s how I feel about good techno beats “!!W!@#!” GOT IT?  I was almost going to write beets there, but then… BAZINGA.

Go watch the Big Bang Theory if you haven’t and you don’t know why I just said BAZINGA.

I’m going to go rock out with my c*** out, so to speak.

I hear the quaintest ladies are saying such things now – what an abomination! What a sin!

What a wonderful life. (Untz UNTZ UNTZ!)



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