Some of my best posts come from 2:11 am.

That’s no joke, kids.  In other news, I had a grammar test today that was akin to a mind-fuck, and I keep telling my friends I’d be a really successful erotica writer, but they don’t believe me.  Seriously, I’m like in tune with people’s sexual profanities.

I’d be so good as a smut novelist.  I like all things naughty and rough; a subculture just perverse enough to keep it scintillating.

We had a big debate in high school about porn, but it just covered porn’s ethics.  That’s barely scraping the surface, but porn in a Canadian high school is a taboo topic, and even thoroughly sexism blemished.  All of the girls in my class were anti-porn.  No, it’s not gross and that cannot be your argument.  God doesn’t play into it either.  Believe me, what the Bible calls taking a rib from Adam and becoming Eve is a lot more lascivious than they like to glaze over.  In fact, I think a lot of people like to glaze over what sex really is.  And how it happens, and how many people don’t like it vanilla.

Sex, and porn, is still considered through this strange Puritanical lens by a lot of young girls.  While I realize that there’s a lot of issues these days regarding teen pregnancy (although, really, if you look back in history – who was having children? Teens, but they were just married to men 3 times their age, which apparently made it ok) and sexually transmitted infections/diseases whatever – there’s nothing wrong with sex for women inherently.  Or free sex with different sexual partners. Or women choosing to do all of these things.

What’s interesting to me is that a lot of “nuclear” families where there is a male, the background of the male doesn’t matter, whether economically, religiously, politically or educationally, because those same men have been masturbating their entire lives.  Whether from pictures of women or videos – there’s always been porn around if you knew where to look.  And the problem is that these pornos were made for men, mainly, because up until a very short time ago women were considered “loose” if they were promiscuous.

Take a look at Mad Men, or, for God’s sakes, even Jersey Shore.  It almost looks like the women in these shows have a healthy sexual relationship with themselves: they commit to relationships, have sex, and feel confident about their bodies and their lives. And yet.  And yet they call each other whores for sleeping with other men (if that number exceeds ones’ own, especially) and men want loose women to fuck, but stick-straight women to marry.

Stick straight women can get freaky too. And the problem is that stick straight women, or religious women, or any other non-sexually active women that don’t have sex or please themselves because of the stigma attached to porn or masturbation still think that it’s wrong to derive pleasure from your own body. It’s your body! Feel it out!

The porn industry and its’ values are a whole different ball game that I’m not in the right state of mind to conquer now.  But the point is (however shoddily made at 2 in the morning) that masturbation is good for you.

For men. AND for women. And there shouldn’t be a stigma surrounding healthy, developed sexual tastes.  There shouldn’t be awkwardness around announcing those tastes or being proud of them (mind you, probably not to a crowded room, but well, whatever you’re comfortable with I guess. You go girl!).

You shouldn’t be afraid of sex. Or masturbation. Or even porn.  There are so many of them now directed at women, who are typically more involved in a plot surrounding the whole event, but not always.  There’s a dessert for every sweet tooth.  Don’t be scared to order some fuckin’ tiramisu.  Brulee that shit UP ladies.

Sometimes it’s the best thing on the menu.


Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and are probably derived from some interesting articles I’ve read.  As opposed to my own pure genius.  But ALSO remember the time this was written, so if something isn’t coming across properly, just comment and let me know and we’ll get into a deep philosophical conversation about how we should install universities of finger banging.


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