the post that failed

If It Was You

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There’s been a lot of thoughts in my head (where they generally tend to reside), and most of them good.

I saw a friend who came back after having marvellous adventures abroad (for school, but meh) and I couldn’t have been happier reconnecting with this wonderful girl. I missed her like whipped cream misses cream.

Just another reason to not feel alone.

I feel like I’m getting jipped at work.  Do you guys know what this word means?  Lots of timing changes, and boss mind-changes-because-of-…. wait-what-was-it-because-of-again, and lots of Arina-getting-screwed.

If not, go to

Wow, did that ever feel like whoring out my blog.  For reals now.

I need to print up some resumes, and get to my weekend, QUICK now.  I’m seeing Tegan + Sara this weekend with a highschoolbud cum chef.  Ra Ra Riot is opening and I’ve listened to a few songs and aren’t they just peachy? Like Iron+Wine went a little techno.  Concerts are strange things – its’ like, you know this music, and then you see the people that are connected with that sound and it makes it very godly.

I also would love to go visit a gambling establishment.

Niagara ftw.

I’m going to go do a crapload of nothing, and then whine about it.



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