something awake outside my window, 6:05am

There are people waking up all around the world right now.  Except that, well, that would be factually incorrect since one half of the world is always bathed in sun, while the other is slowly caving in to insomnia and ignoring their physiological need for rest while tramping out their brain farts on blogs all over the internet.

And isn’t that just one in the string of great human innovations?

Along with guitar solos that achy breaky your little Finch-sized heart.  And those stupid glass “storm doors” that sounds like springs being manhandled and like, water-boarded? See, because they sound like torture victims, see what I did there?  That, my un-literary (and possibly Neanderthal) friends, is a metaphor, if you ignore my ungrammatical and colloquial use of “like” and consider the fact that I hold myself in High Regard in Regards to the English Language because I am an English Student and am therefore a Great Authority on what grammar rules I decide to Invoke or Ignore.

Praise be to Common Sense. And Pretty Pictures. (And Alliteration.)

-Arina (I wish I could fall asleep right now and not screw up my sleep cycle. Also for reasons why I am awake: my new waste of time.)


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