crawfishfest and other people from last night

It’s funny how people have biases against others. How my word means less when I vouch for someone else’s story because I’m a “young girl” and men “mindfuck” with me to get me to be their “buddy”. It’s funny how people later apologize because I was right, and how others don’t, despite being wrong (and me sitting tightly on my proof). It’s funny that adults often make more mistakes, and I am now an adult (have been for 2 years, but it’s kicking in right about now).

I don’t want to be blinded by past inhibitions or mistakes, I want to take you by the balls and whisper in your face that I know what the fuck I am doing, and you should just shut the fuck up and relax.



P.S. Anyone want to go to Crawfish Fest with me one of these years, down in New Jersey? Sounds fantastic.


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