prince ali, glorious he, ali ababwa

Oh man, too much drudgy life stuff happening lately.  Appointments and I keep! Waking Being Woken! Up! Early! Gr.


Over this lovely, perfect-weathered weekend, I worked damn near 24 hours/48 and made a tonne-o-monay from the footy and the drinky because of the footy.  I met some Englishmen, a Ukranian, and danced a little with some Irish.  My bar is the best is basically what I’m trying to say here.

It’s been a semi-long journey, and I’ve luke-warm liked every second of it! At least I didn’t fake love soccer all of a sudden like the rest of North America these past few weeks.  I’ve always liked it, and not like, “Hey, you know Torres is totally staying in Liverpool” “Aw, fuck man, that guy’s a total wastecase, but no other club would pick him up after his World Cup performance”, but like “oh, I like how they did that thing with their feet, the Spanish!”


So therefore, I am standing on higher moral ground.

I have a bunch of stuff due this week internship-wise, and then a date with my favourite “newly-balanced” man on Tuesday at this Moroccan place called The Sultan’s Tent for Summerlicious (our first of many), and thennn my grandparents are coming Wednesday and I am going to cook a FEAST. I just haven’t started planning it yet.  OY.

I’m so excited for Tanya and Dima to come! I miss them to shreds.  SHREDS, I say.

My Alek, my paternal grandfather, is a little bit wacked out these days. I drove him to pick his car up from service today (ergo, right now) and the man handed him his key, but without the little electronic beeper thing.  So, we walk out, and I started my car and getting ready to leave when I see him walking over to me.  I open my window… “Arina, how am I supposed to open my car when the beeper isn’t here?!”….

“Uh… you use your key?”

Blank stare. Then laughter.

I guess you really do get a tad forgetful in your old age. But this is the likes of something I have never heard before, haha.

What a funny and frustrating man.

What a life.



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