i’m an abusive husband

I know, bunnies, I know I’ve been absent.  Things have been somewhat busy (ie enough for me to neglect you).  I actually broke out in hives from the stress of today’s futbol match (Germany vs. Argentina), which the boyfriend and I went to watch at this uber-German bar down in Scarborough.  It was great. I fell in love with the sport a little bit more than before.  Futbol and me have had a kind of on-again-off-again relationship in the past, but this time, both our pants were down and our hands were nowhere to be seen.  It’s good, mutual-masturbatory stuff.

Apart from all of this, Canada Day has come and gone, the G20 has ended in Toronto (and the complaints continue), and a water pipe in our kitchen burst! During this catastrophe and minor (by minor, I of course mean EPIC) panic attack I made this for the family:

I am a master multitasker at the worst times.  When I should actually be doing something, the superheroine gland in my body is all like

“Fuck that, kids, there’ll be a time when shit will happen all at the same time, and then I’ll go and do it, and then I’ll stop and wait another month for anything to happen, and in the meantime I will just sit here secreting laziness from my bad-ass self.” – Bad-Ass Bitch Gland


Isn’t this a pretty epic picture? It looks like the light is shining down on them.  (Go see it on Flickr, looks much better).  It’s because they are god-like.  Also, notice the plaid pattern repeating on sweater-shorts-sweater.  That was planned, co-ordinated, and decided WAY ahead of time.

I don’t know if you guys spend more time on the internet than I do (this is hard to believe), but uh if you don’t know about The Oatmeal yet, I feel a slight fear for you and your funny bone.  I mean, not only did I just discover it, but I stayed up late into the night reading incredible things like How the Male Angler Fish gets completely Screwed, What it’s like to Own an Apple Product, What I Remember Most about Legos, and my favourite (and what opened up my imagination and funny bone to this wonderful Oat-filled world) How Twilight Works.

I’m never going near a fruit, with all these Oats… 🙂 “Causing scurvy since 1481″……

Speaking of old things! Here’s a gem that I saw last night on LivitLuvit and haven’t stopped laughing at since.

My dad resembles the first man rapping.  I love it.  Love. It.

“Yo! These greens got nothing on my MANSCAPE.”

Ohhhh yeaaaaaaah.


PS. I should be here more often now.  I promise, I’ve changed!


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