see, i’m forced to write about shit like this

What do you have to be so angry about?  The issues some groups are protesting about have nothing to do with the World.  Canada isn’t really doing much WRONG as compared to places like Iran (who killed thousands of their people for protesting a fraudulent election last summer), and the G8 AND G20 summit come together to talk about international issues: things like the Israeli-Gaza conflict (will never be solved), the transparency of nuclear programs of “rogue” states (also will never be solved until the policer of all nuclear weapons is no longer the only country that has deployed them in the history of the world), and other “big shit”.

Capitalism isn’t going anywhere after 50 pissed off Canadians dressed in black throw a brick through Starbucks or American Apparel.  The country’s outrageous budget (seriously, $1 billion dollars?) for security that is being wasted on the streets of Toronto NOT catching the people setting police cars on fire and throwing bricks is what is making people upset.  I mean, anarchists are freaking ANARCHISTS FOR A REASON.  Everyone complaining about ruining our city blah blah blah – these kids don’t support the fundamentals of GOVERNMENT – you think they care about crashing one store of the most powerful corporate coffee chain on the planet? Fuck. No.  (But then again, neither do those companies, so in the end, who does care? And what’s the point? Oh yeah, I forgot, there WAS NONE.)

All they do is watch V for Vendetta over and over again until they convince themselves that Canada is actually North Korea and they decide to fix it with bricks and spray paint.  Listen, the world has bigger problems.  I know that change starts locally, but come on!

All I’m saying is this:

  1. The “anarchists” are stupid.  They’re not the legitimate “protesters” in Toronto.
  2. The people complaining about the anarchists, however, are also stupid – do you even know the issues being discussed in the G20?  Does it matter that they’re all getting together and talking about saving themselves financially and all they’ve come up with so far – the representatives of some of the most powerful countries in the world – is “to each his own plan”?

I’m pissed with THAT.  The chaos that comes with a major international event is expected, and the $1 billion should have covered our “what if’s”. The fact that it didn’t and we have no reliable medics on the protest sites (see: asking police about where they are and hearing “I was wondering that too”, is NOT a show of a properly made back-up plan) and no policemen actually doing their jobs and therefore having to call in MONTREAL POLICE (yes, confronting criminals in dangerous situations is part of their job description, no matter how scary it may be) is what is PISSING ME OFF.  Not the little kids running around and saying “Fuck the Man”.

Assholes, yes: controllable, yes.  Controlled? No.

I’m flitting between emotions about everything that’s happening.  All I know is that I’m not going near it.  There are no issues I care about enough to get beaten up by my own police force for/hit by a stray brick from an idiot.  While both the anarchist group riots and the lack of useful police presence is unsettling, I don’t wonder why the world doesn’t care.  It has had it’s share of riots in the past couple of years, and we are by far the least deathly.

The problem is that our protests should have never escalated to tear gas in the first place.  This is ruining our image of the peace-lovin’ Canada.  Wad up with that, protestistas? All Canadians want is a little bitta loving!  Just, not $1 billion worth of loving… too much is too much and what I say, goes.


PS. Here’s a very quick blog from a few live protesters: interesting take on the police brutality/usefullness/planning strategies from the front lines: justin & lex @ g20


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