you can’t hold a country hostage

There was a time, in my last year of highschool, that I got hyper political.  I have never been religious.  I have always been for the people, for freedom, for integrity and openness.  My politics came from defense – I wanted to defend my country. I wanted to believe that what it did in its’ past was not evil, that it was tempered and logical.

I have since then, come to the belief that politics have very little to do with real people, but only puppetmasters.

Last year in June, my boyfriend was in Iran when the Green Revolution came to be – a few days after the results of the Election were announced and the ensuing outrage began, he flew back home to Canada.  Back home to me.  But even here he remained haunted by the images he saw, and luckily – so did everyone else in the world that owned/s a computer.

Until he came home, I refused to watch the news.  I knew something big was coming, even though he couldn’t say anything important on the phone (all of them were monitored).  I knew that all of the mass celebrations, the excitement – they weren’t to go unpunished.  Not in a country like that. Not with a leader like this.

Or maybe I did not know, and I am saying I knew now because I wanted to have a reason for not watching the news instead of a latent fear in the back of my mind that I was afraid for him out in the streets. I knew his mother wanted him to stay in, but he felt he had to go out.

There was a movie made for a girl that died in the process of peaceful protests in Iran, where silence was their only slogan and mass their only form of intimidation.  It’s called “For Neda”, and it is about a young girl in Tehran that got shot by the basiji in all the commotion.  Her death became a symbol, a unification of all people, and it also became a turning point. No longer was the people’s wish for a recounted vote – no- they did not want a government that wanted to kill its’ own people any longer. The tide turned quickly and viciously, and many of the government’s thugs were hunted down by families of its victims, but many were just stripped naked and left to walk the streets to show the humiliation of what they had done – the people were not going to kill them like they had killed.  There is a difference between the two.  The people do not represent the government (as can be seen by their “elections”), and the government is most certainly not a representative of the people.

So now the people want change.  Green, the “V” in Victory, the Sign in Peace.

And if you think about the courage required to go out into the streets and get beaten – just for an inkling of a hope for freedom, not even for you, but for your children – then you also understand the incredible fear traced on the girl’s mother’s face when after calling her daughter every half hour the entire day, the next time she doesn’t pick up it means that she has died. It means that the government killed innocent people because it was scared: of their beauty, of their strength, and their desire for freedom and for change. And for their newfound key to the lock of the “Islamic Ideology” that warped Islam religion to a murderous, almost unrecognizable (except to zealots) degree.

For their believe in a true God – kind and understanding, not vengeful and brutal, like God’s supposed “supreme leader” says he is – the people died in droves.

If you’ve ever wanted to understand even less about humanity than you do now, go watch this documentary and commemorate and help keep Neda’s memory alive through supporting the Iranian people and understanding their incredible courage and unity.  Help spread togetherness, not the politics that keeps knowledge separated from the people.



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