why being nice kicks me in the ovaries time to time

I make an honest to god, swear on my mother effort to be a good person.  A lot of the time, I fail – I get frustrated at people and with family, I’m lazy, or I just don’t give a shit – but sometimes, I don’t fail.

Sometimes, I do nice things like help ladies move their tables to their preferred places at Starbucks, or hold open doors, or clean up things for my coworkers when I know they’re having a shitty day.  I ask people questions about their lives firstly because I am intrigued, and secondly because who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?  I ask, I listen, I get to know people. I DO NICE THINGS for them, and still, over and over I get manipulated.

I just don’t understand the motivation for people to be dickwads to people who are nice to them?  There’s a woman at my place of work who is hilarious, Italian, and often ridiculous.  A lot of the people I work with are ridiculous – usually in a good way, but today is NOT a usual day. Today she decides that she gets to make the rules while I’m running around covering her slack because she can’t handle a room like the guy who got fired used to be able to.  She decides that I get to stay for 30 minutes waiting for her to finish smoking inside.  The worst part is that we were having a good night – communicating well, laughing, helping each other out, and then all of a sudden I get this snarky bitch calling me ugly and making me wait after finishing her jobs for her. Fuck that, man.  That’s an old tune and I’m not playing it no more.

Firstly: I want to keep the shifts I was offered and accepted.  I know you have kids, but I wouldn’t be working if I didn’t need the money TOO.  You have a daytime job. A full-time job.  Taking more shifts away from me is a douche bag move.

Secondly: I am tired of all the uncertainty that comes with new owners. Tell me what you want, and I will do it.  I really don’t mind following instructions, as long as I have them.

Thirdly: Lady – the guy just got fired, and you can’t even go over and give him a hug and pretend to be nice? Really? This is what it’s about for 40+ year old people now?

And, fourthly: When I am nice to you, be nice to me, because from now on, if you’re not, I’m just going to kick you in the groin and say my foot slipped.

Sometimes people just baffle me with their unabashed rudeness.  I am being kind to you, and if people are kind to you, should you not return the favour? I am just tired of dealing with assholes.  I will not change and be an asshole to spite them – I am not that person. I am patient, and I am kind and I will kill those mofo’s with my good shit.

Tomorrow, I might have to get rid of my laptop to see if Apple can fix my CDROM drive.  I really need to rip cds onto my iTunes and this whole “I’m making the working noise just long enough to give you hope and then spitting the CD back out” thing isn’t really working for me anymore.

I also need to go talk to my boss about the schedule – for the next little while and come September. What is the chain of command?  I don’t want my schedule to be dependent on whether or not I’m in the day bartender lady’s good graces that day – because she’s not my higher up. I want it to be in your hands.

Oy vey, trouble in my drunken paradise, friends.  But I will try to go and sleep.

Tell me though – what have you all done when you’re being kind and receiving nothing but asshole behaviour in return? Revenge?



3 thoughts on “why being nice kicks me in the ovaries time to time

  1. Oy vey! (I thought you were Russian, not Yiddish… :P)

    It sounds like you might be in the wrong job, if you can’t handle mean people. The vast majority of people are nice, but when you interact with so MANY people… you’re always going to stumble into the mean ones!

    I spend almost my entire life in front of my computer — it’s no surprise that I don’t interact with nasty people 🙂


    • 🙂 I am Russidishindian…. which totally works.

      It’s not that I can’t handle mean people, it’s that I can’t handle them YET. I think this job is perfect for learning about dealing with people, I just need to suck it up a little and stick up for myself more, which are both traits that will no doubt come in handy later on in life, whether at work or general.

      I need to find a job where I can sit in front of my computer too. 😛 Except dealing with trolls… I hate trolls.


      • Ah, trolls!

        They’re invariably stupid, so I can usually fight them with intelligent rhetoric — but it’s all a bit fruitless… it’s not like they will stop trolling…

        Don’t compromise TOO much, unless you really need the money. Personal integrity…!


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