i don’t love you to be liked

Hey all!

Hope the past couple of days have been treating you well.  Not to complain, but just this morning I was writhing with a maternal sort of pain (pre-maternal, really) and I was pretty unhappy about things. Now, after about 7 hours of TV, pills, and beautiful new sandals, I feel a little bit better. Also, a Mumford and Sons cd (Little Lion Man is a golden song!) which was only $9! Holy crapolski!  Also- here are some pictures!

It’s funny, after looking through these beautiful pictures, I don’t feel half bad.  I guess it’s all about attitude, after all.  Not that I didn’t believe in that previously.  The will is the way.  Oh, and also – the island controls you.  It just does, so stop resisting.

Back pain? The island. Loss of appetite? The island.  Awkward sexual urges? Definitely The Island.  Life going wrong – in general – for the past 30 years? The island.  You are special, Mr. Locke, you are magnificent.

But I like how they use philosopher’s names for characters in that show – very thought provoking.

In other news, I believe that I have too many muslim friends to have not read the Qu’ran by now.  I will give it a go.

Here’s a poem about clouds that I wrote on the bus.  It’s called “Vagabonds”

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
except clouds are kings of
their blue expanses
and are anything but
lonely at the top.

They swallow the world
in big gulps –
like they’re thirsty,
and our water isn’t
as salty as it claims.

Gaps in their dominion –
the tantalizing flashes of
royal or seafoam  or cerulean
are just reminders:
they can take it away.

It can always rain.

I hope you liked it. I hope you like crisp skies with wisps of white, like water seeping through blue watercolour.



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