LOOK a baluga wail! oh, ho ho ho.

Very moody lately. Frustrated about mood.  But also – passed my G test! Time for the old-fashioned pasttime of drinking & driving!  Wonderful.  Otherwise, what else is a G license good for? So I can drive on the highway in the dead of night? Woo-hoo! Alas, we did a little seafood/white vino celebration anyway with my mum and sister.

Going downtown today, hopefully.  A little “shopping” and more watching Luminato opening night concert at Yonge-Dundas Square. My friend that is leaving for Egypt soon is coming with me (as well as my Persian friend).  I’m very excited to see her because she’s been doing summer school, lives in the same area as me, but I haven’t seen since the end of winter semester (April).  Bugger!  I really want a Brit’sh accent.  Aye! Or Australian! Or basically like any of the characters from LOST, except the Koreans.  I don’t think Korean accents are very sexy.  I can’t believe Charlie DIED. He’s probably alive somewhere, working for Ben or something creepy like that.

Last night I helped my sister create a Stringed instrument for school. Right now she’s in grade 3 and I don’t friggen understand what they’re teaching them.  Why do you need to know how to make an instrument? Will it help you do your taxes? Is it fun when it’s being graded? Does Peter Griffin DIE after watching LOST?  The answer to all of these questions, is NO.  Personally (if you watched the video, like you should’ve!) I enjoy Matthew Fox’s heavy breathing.

You know what’s sad? All of my TV shows have gone and died.  Now I am TV show-less (for the summer!) and sad and don’t really know what to do with myself. So I’ve been trying to find other TV shows, but no luck.  I mean, when I was doing a steady stream of catching up with like 8 different shows throughout the school year, I managed to get all of my projects done and even do some reading on the side. Casual reading! Now – all I do is troll the internet and I’m not even reading anything interesting. I’ve lost the will.


awkwarrrrrrrrrd (giraffe).



2 thoughts on “LOOK a baluga wail! oh, ho ho ho.

    • LOVE it. Except it kills days of your life without any further gratification other than knowing the storyline come alive. And you smell funky after a few days.

      It’s basically all I do, but as long as the BF does it with me – we both smell funky and the world is right again because the funkyness cancels out and quadruples and therefore we smell delicious and love TV.

      *breath out*


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