blinchiki and vodka

The weather is often unpredictable. Life mirrors weather, I think.

Today’s morning was chilling and dark with lots of dreary rain falling on the lawn around our house.  Then, I started cooking blinchiki for my grandmother’s remembrance dinner and the sun came out. Probably at the time my family was at the cemetery.  This morning was awful but it improved, if slowly.

If only we had black caviar – but even a small can of red caviar goes for about $27 dollars in Canada. It’s definitely not a cheap indulgence. But delicious. Although I prefer smoked salmon.

The one thing my grandmother always loved was cooking. Good food for my family, for her friends, for strangers – anyone. She would feed them and make them feel safe with her lulling insistence.

I’m pretty sure I got some of her genes.

But time will tell.



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