when arina goes ‘grrrrrrrrrrr!’

To start a post backwards, here’s a summary of this post, if you don’t want to get into the details:

I have a beef with people that don’t tell you they want something, and then when you don’t do the thing they didn’t ask you to do – get upset about it.

Isn’t that silly bordering on utterly stupid?  I’ve been around a lot of that lately.  Sure, it would have been nice if I could read minds, but a lot of people (namely my family) walk around expecting 5 million things of me that they don’t even tell me about. Well, you know what?


I have no problems complying with requests from people I love, when they are made.  Until they (YOUU!!!) deal with the fact that I can’t read their minds and start telling me things prior to the moment it becomes of the most LIFE-THREATENING IMPORTANCE, they’re going to get nada sympathy or understanding from moi!

For example, I asked my father Wednesday night to borrow the car on Friday to do something for my internship downtown.  He eventually said yes (I really was born to be a lawyer, except for that whole perserverance through law school bit), and I was like, ok! So I told my boss: ok!  I will help. I am good intern.  I was proud of myself for “stepping up to the plate” as they say (I think that means towards a plate of pie, but that’s just one girl’s interpretation of it).

Thursday passes in a rainy haze, I get my 1st metropass EVER and am incredibly giddy and run through the evening at work.  End of Thursday.  Friday morning, I wake up at the prepared time in order to make it downtown for 11 (9:00… I am female and like breakfast and live in suburbia).  I squeel out of my driveway at 10 to go pick up my lovely downtown-navigating-master-nerd boyfriend and am at his house at 10:30.  I check my phone while waiting for the BF and see that while I was driving I got a call from the padre. “What could it be? I think to myself. Perhaps padre wants to wish me luck for whatever arduous task awaits me today!”

Oh how wrong I was. As I find I often am when it comes to certain phone-calls from certain people.  Well, in good form plus being all happy about internshipping this wonderful day, I call him back only to hear a pissed off, barking 40-year-old man in the midst of a mid-life crisis on the other side of the wire (what else could have made him so freakin’ angry?) – what the problem was, you may ask? Why bite off the head of a wonderful daughter, you the reader, and I the receiver, might ask?  The back right tire is “leaking air” and needs to be not only “pumped up” but also taken to a mechanic to find the leak, checked to see if it’s fixable, fix leak and/or get new tire, oh, and the man needs to be paid for labour and/or new tire. (Which, if you know anything about cars and mechanics, are total rip-offs – both labour and tires!)

Now, listen here kids. I am a student. I am a student with currently no debt, and I would like to keep it this way, as well as indulging a little bit in an other worldly adventure next summer.  I have amped up my household responsibilities as per my own initiative and my parents’ nurturing nudges towards adulthood.  I have taken on my cell phone bill.  Occasionally, I cook dinner.  Sometimes I do dishwasher duty.  Generally I can’t put a whole gas tank into my dad’s car (which I often borrow in the summer because he drives a motorcycle in the good weather or he can borrow my grandfather’s car if not) because it takes premium gas. It’s expensive. And I’m trying to save.

I’ve never been good with money.  I’ve always been rather good at indulging myself, but I’m learning. My question is why he all of a sudden expects me to be so incredibly self-sufficient?  I’ve taken on almost all of my expenses – transportation, food (outside), clothes, technology, even CLEANING which I did BEFORE he asked me to last week.

The problem is that I’m not self-sufficient. Not even nearly. So why am I being forced to dole out for expenses that I really can’t afford, especially when I feel like I’m already taking off a huge chunk of the economical weight I used to burden them with? I mean, they’re not forcing me, but I feel like a talk is really in order right now.  I just can’t… save anything with all of this.  It’s strange considering they support my decision to take an internship this summer instead of a second job and yet with 2 days a week I still get shit for not paying for this or paying for that or “not paying for using the car.”

My second issue with this scenario is the fact that I was sitting around ALL DAY before maybe 3 pm on Thursday when my father could have called and told me about this life-threatening, causing-tires-to-explode leak. But no. When I am rushing to get on the way to not disappoint my boss at my internship is when he calls me. At the most INCONVENIENT TIME, and then YELLS at me when I don’t understand the technical car terms that he’s barking at me in RUSSIAN. I barely know what the terms mean in English, and he expects me to understand it in angry, barky Russian.

All in all, the most unpleasant phone call I’ve ever had. Maybe I sound like a snob but I feel completely in the right here to be pissed.

So, well, GRRRRR.

Apart from that this song has been on repeat for at least the past 2 days in my head and on my mac, so, therefore, you should listen to it. It is happy. It will make you happy.

Yesterday was the 1 year death-aversary of my grandmother.  I tried to stay away from my grandpa mostly, I don’t know if it was cowardly or courteous.  Sometimes I don’t think intentions matter – people only see the bad.

Everything else is ok. How are you all? Sorry for the sporadic updates; summer warps time in the weirdest ways.



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