“kiss me, beneath the milky twilight”

If I hit my summer low 2 weeks into my summer, there’s only room for improvement, right?

I have: no internship, no plans, no physical non-pain.  I am watching “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” – the absolute wallowing movie frommmmm the 90’s? The 00’s?  I don’t know, but I do know I bought this movie sometime after my period started and before I rediscovered how to use black eyeliner (as in, to have it NOT lining my entire eyelid).  So, well, that says enough about what this movie is to me.  Now, it’s almost enough Matthew McConaughey NOT to warrant a viewing of Sweet Home Alabama all illegal and streamed online, but just not at that “I want to puke and still bang him at the same time” level quiiiite yet.

favourite pre-sex scene ever.

I was going to go to uni, but, well, fuck that, I have cramps and “Ben Barry”… so I’m going to figure that all out another day.

That’s all I got kids.  I hate shit right now.  Except stupid romantic comedies of the early 2000’s.

Those I love. You should too.



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