i saw the russian gerard butler wednesday


Apart from that, a night ago (ie.. the middle of the week night) I went to BAM! Youth Poetry slam – and, as usual it blew me away.  Mostly the girl that won, Ronza – was fantastic.  I finagled my way into a judge position and gave her nearly perfect scores because well, I loved her stuff!  She was methodical and interesting and gave a new perspective on very mundane, typical things.  And it was a great performance.  So props to her! I’m excited to see her in the future.  Also, my friend Aamir, with whom I went, stole himself 3rd place, which came with an odd, lizard version of “Operation”… and I’m sure he’s already operated by now on his reptile.

I’m too old to participate in the youth slam now, but I should do open mic next time to get some more exposure/practice going.  Hopefully it falls on a day when I’m not filling in for anyone at work!

Today was fantastic.  The Boyfriend joined me in my crazy dash for success downtown.  Plus my frazzled-ness in traffic made for some fine entertainment for him.  First an interview (more info later), then I had to drop off some Existere journals at the distributor (which I first had to find).  And, can I say that I love Chris at Magazines Canada?  I got a little token for delivering my journals! Thank you, Chris! I la la love them all, and I can’t wait to devour them.

Then we drove to the Beaches for some walking around and enjoying nature/water/wind in my face sort of things.  I took a bunch of pictures and I put some up on my flickr: for those that would like to peruse it! I quite fancy some of the pictures the boyfriend took of me.. plus I LOVE the lipstick I’m wearing…  I saw it on Cupcakes and Cashmere a while ago and bought it the next day.  It is the ULTIMATE in lipsticks.  Emily is totally right.

Anywhoozer kids.  It’s a beautiful time in the city, everyone is outside (especially on Spadina. at 2:30 pm. on a friday. [psssst you should be at work, hardworking adults!]).  So – go outside! Enjoy the sun, after our 2 weeks of absolute dismal weather.

I would write more but I really can’t.  My head’s gone all bonkers and I think I’ll just go get myself some more Riesling that I found in the fridge (I love sweet wine)… and read Of Mice and Men.  Or watch tv on my computer.  As usual.

Some things rarely ever change.



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