discovering new words

Sometimes I just want to read something coherent, you know?  With sentences that lead from one to the second like cause and effect and about the same topic.  Poetry grinds me sometimes, yes, I know, even me, but the funny part is that I haven’t actually been writing any poetry lately, or reading, but it just feels like the way everyone writes sometimes is like a poem.  Like, they’ll start off with one thing and then get interrupted and then “segue” into a whole new thing.

Speaking of which, I always thought segue was spelled S-E-G-U-E, and that little scooter thing was a S-E-G-W-A-Y, which basically means I’m a genius because I’m right, and everyone (ALL WRITERS EVERYWHERE that I read, of course) that has been writing segway as meaning a transition into something is SO TOTALLY WRONG.

Arina – 1, All Else – 0.

I hate when you think you have a thing going and then you are all super-perfect and then something one gets sidetracked and you’re left all sitting at home in your pajamas at 2 pm on a Tuesday eating chocolate chips and watching Gilmore Girls instead of, well, conquering the world, as a sprightly, 20 year old girl of my volition should be.  ALAS-

I went to a movie by myself yesterday.  Have you guys ever done that? It was incredibly freeing.  It was like riding the bus – a previously conquered fear that I have no grown to absolutely adore because it gives you time to listen to your own stream of consciousness, and sometimes, well, I am pretty amusing.  Anyway, so in the movie theatre, after I had already handed the ticket girllady my ticket (oui, only un pour moi) without the admonishing and sinister looks of shunning that I expected, I was all commenting on all the marketing techniques of the various advertisements and thinking about Kick Ass vs. The Last Airbender movies and how the girl (Hit Girl or something, played by some young lass) got so much harshing of her mellow about being young and acting in violent movies, whereas the kid in the Airbender movie just gets like rave reviews (or like, expectations, since the movie hasn’t actually come out yet) without all the drama-fied looking down upon-age.  Why? Gender.


Totes McGotes! You heard me folks.  Sexism is out. Genderism is IN.  Hop on the bandwagon while it’s hot and fresh and rolling down in the Pride Parade, which will, by the way, have to fund itself this year in Toronto, since, according to the mayor: “No”.  Well, maybe he said something about the economy, but whenever I read articles like that I just pawn it off to some political plotting and write simple, one-syllable words and pretend the situation really doesn’t extend itself past the vowel.

It does, but, well, you can look it up for yourself.

I also read this post on blogTO and LOVED Theresa the commenter.  I usually don’t read that far down but the issue was something I remember discussing a few years back.  She was witty and angry and oooh don’t I love a spiteful woman.  She makes a good point, and made me reconsider the idea of public funding.  Ventures are allowed to cater to their own identities and turn away those that do not adhere to their rules: just because it is a religious foundation does not make the rules of business any different.  I, however, in my ignorance, still fume about all the cool shit Catholic schools had that public schools didn’t, even all the way up in Markham, which is in the outer boundaries of the GTA.

Plus, it gave me a nice perspective on the teacher’s market in Ontario, which is grim and kind of prickly at best.  So much for Teachers College as a Plan B (which, let’s admit it, is the Plan B for all Bachelors of Art…) (Except I’m actually pretty passionate about teaching, I just never really wanted to take the tests in Ontario… I want my TEOFL though.. or the TESOL? I don’t know what they’re called but they’re more or less Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language classes).  Maybe this’ll mean I actually get to pursue a Masters somewhere international in a field that will actually provide me with a job after I graduate (think digital marketing sort of thing?)

So, anywhoozer –

tomorrow I might end up at The Central for a BAM! Youth Slam (ie. Arina’s too old to slam here now so she’ll just sit in the back, cheer on the kiddies and get really, really drunk night) with my friend Aamir.  That’ll be nice.  And productive. And! I will bring my camera so hopefully I’ll have something to bring back and show you guys.

This photography stuff is mucho complicado…… (I’m pretty sure that means pregnant, but believe you me – I am not mucho pregnanto), Aperture, Shutter speed, Conditions, tripods… I read The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby, a pre-emptive gift on my dad’s behalf a few years ago (thinking this would actually help me operate a point-and-shoot).  It was, however, incredibly helpful.  I just wish it was smaller so I could stick it in my camera case and take it with me!  Thing is that it doesn’t really go technical, which is, surprisingly a road I want to peruse because I want to know why everything works so I know how to tease it into the necessary shapes when it comes time for me to go at it seriously.  It doesn’t do that – but it gets into very good basics.

I also finished Sula by Toni Morrisson.  It was O-kay, but not as good as Song of Solomon by a long shot.  The characters and flight of Solomon just totally overshadowed the whole birthmark, robins attack, whore but not a whore thing in Sula.

Now I’m reading (slowly but surely creeping myself out by doing so) Metamorphosis by Kafka (man! is that guy creepy), and I bought Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  I’ve read East of Eden by Steinbeck, and LOVED that book, so I’m totally looking to one of his hits.  Grapes of Wrath is next, I’ve decided.  Also – Isabel Allende.

Goodness gracious, it’s time to finish up that Gilmore Girls and finally start this crazy reading I’m doing.

Love you all, hope you and your centipedes are well.



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