the non-update update


I’ve spent the last 2 days hibernating and watching Gilmore Girls – the last two seasons of which I just bought in Best Buy for less than I used to buy 1 season, several years ago.  (Ie. I bought 2 seasons for less than $50, whereas I used to buy a season for $60-70. What does this say about the usability of DVD’s in the future?)

Oh so joyous. Season 6 was SO not like this.

Anyway, I don’t plan on updating until I finish all 7 seasons (I just started season 7), so… yes.

I also have work tonight.  BUGGER.

Alas, at least I have this job – because I most certainly have not been searching for another job in the past week, when all the good jobs have been being snitched up by less deserving applicants than myself.  Or applicants at all.. since I have not applied ANYWHERE.

I have decided to waste my life, go crazy, and pretend like I’m one of the Gilmore Girls and switch to a different character impersonation every 7 years. When I hit 27 I’m soooo doing Michel.

Okay. Love you all.



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