isn’t this supposed to be a holiday, or something?

These past two days (April 30th, May 1st) have been absolutely stunning.  Yesterday was so warm and calming, so my boyfriend proposed for us to head downtown around sunset and take some pictures and walk around.  Downside is that the bus I was taking to downtown, which is usually quite reliable – missed the right exit onto the highway and started doing loops right around my house for a good half hour, so I missed a lot of prime lighting of downtown.

However, on the brighter (or dusky, in my case) side, my favourite time of day is dusk.  Evening, when the sun mellows out sky and the buildings look like knives on the background.  We have some pretty beautiful architecture downtown.

Bringing my camera downtown gave me not as many pictures as I was expecting.  Once I saw a framed shot through my eye eyes, I pulled my viewfinder up – but I didn’t walk around with it glued to my lashes.  I’m sure I’ll get better at it all eventually.. especially when I start figuring out how all the manual settings work.  I’m still kinda AWOL on all of that, but I’m hammering it into my brain one tiny factoid at a time.  It’s proving to be a long process, but I never expected it to be easy – plus anything that costs as much as start-up DSLR’s do, requires a ratio of work : cash that is pretty precise (ie lots of both).

Anyway – I enjoyed it a lot.  Toronto is quite beautiful when it’s buzzing on a Friday night.  While I love some neighbourhood (Harbourfront, Queen St.) I’m not a big fan of some of the people there (ie. club rats near Queen and John and Adelaide, etc).  Don’t understand me wrongly – I like clubbing, it’s just that I can’t stand the atmosphere there unless I’m severely buzzed.  It’s all very exciting, youthful, blah blah blah, but I like coffee joints or bars way more, much like my boyfriend.

We stopped by the Red Room last night (I love that place!) and I was so ravishingly hungry by 11 that I practically absorbed my fajita when it was put in front of me.  And! Steamwhistle.  Yum.

Today is fantastic because okay, really, who doesn’t love the humidity and smell of a start-of-summer-after-rainfall?  I LOVE THAT SMELL.  It’s not quite as wormy smelling as an autumn rainfall, and just warm enough to be absolutely fresh and fulfilling and it’s like bathing in the warm goodness of air.  YES.

Thanks for reading, you guys!  I’m starting to fall into the rhythm of summer more and more.



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